the best way to

Generate Renewals

and Referrals

as a Professional Coach

Discover a powerful coaching method that gets

results, renewals & referrals

the best way to

Generate Renewals

and Referrals

as a Professional Coach

Discover a powerful coaching method that gets

results, renewals & referrals



(and what you can do about it)

Programs that promise to grow your coaching business fast seem to be everywhere.

Anyone with a marketing background (and little to no coaching experience) can jump into our industry and promise us the world.

They tell you they've got the secret to growing or scaling your practice in a fraction of the time.

They'll rattle off a lot of "techno-lingo" about algorithms, ads, seo, apps, positioning ... until your head is spinning, but your hopes are high.

So you decide to try it and cross your fingers.

Months later when you still haven't gotten a single new client they assure you that everything is fine on their end and there must be something wrong with your offer, your niche, the information you gave them ... the blame game is brutal.

After more than 25 years in the training and development industry, I've learned a thing or two.

1. Great coaches are rarely great marketers (and vice versa, by the way)

2. Service based sales is a great fit for many coaches (who gets into coaching to spend all day doing sales calls?)

3. Transformative, high-impact results lead to renewals and referrals

4. Renewals and referrals are gold!



If you have to constantly enroll new clients into your coaching business because your clients don't stay with you ... something is missing.

If your clients don't refer friends, family, or colleagues to you ... something is missing.

If your coaching business is full of low-paying clients and you're barely making ends meet ... something is missing.

An empowered mindset and solid skills are the foundation of your coaching practice.

Struggles with things like imposter syndrome, confidence, overwhelm, and procrastination sabotage your success. It's really hard to enroll a client, let alone keep them, if there's a voice in your head telling you "you're not good enough," "why even bother trying," or a million other things we say to ourselves when we don't have our mindset dialed in for success.

When I say, "solid skills," I mean transformative, life-changing coaching skills you can masterfully put to use with your clients. The kind of coaching that impacts every area of a client's life.

An amazing thing happens when you have next-level coaching skills, when you know exactly what your client needs to hear and how they need you to say it ... it builds your confidence, improves your self-talk, and strengthens your mindset.

Your mindset and skillset reinforce each other, they work in unison. 

They are also what sets you apart as a world-class coach and are key to building a high-impact coaching business.

Transformative, high-impact results get noticed and next thing you know, you have a referral.

When you become a valued, trusted resource for a client, then you've got a renewal.




What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a comprehensive model of communication and change.

It is the secret sauce behind successful coaches, speakers, and leaders that allows them to produce incredible, rapid results for their clients.  

In essence, it is the study of patterns. There are patterns that lead to success and fulfillment just as there are patterns that lead to struggle and frustration. By identifying productive patterns, we can reinforce and replicate those patterns more consistently. There is also value in identifying non-productive patterns because then we can interrupt those patterns and replace them with patterns that work.

The name Neuro Linguistic Programming is based on the analogy of a computer. If you know how to program your computer, you can get it to do anything you want, right?

Similarly, if you know how to speak the language of the brain (Neuro + Linguistic), then you can "program" your brain to do what you want as well.

With that ability to quickly identify someone's pattern or program, then you have the key to unlock their potential and accelerate their results.

Results drive renewals and referrals and NLP drives results.

NLP coaches are sought out because they help their clients get life-changing results that last. The fact that these transformations often happen quickly, makes it even better.

NLP trained coaches have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of their clients, helping them create changes that ripple across all aspects of their lives and leave a lasting legacy.

And when you get a reputation as a highly effective coach, this helps you attract higher-paying clients, expand your coaching practice, and gain recognition as a leading expert in your niche.


Learning NLP has been a complete game-changer, not just in my clients' lives, but in my personal life and my relationships. The language of the mind is definitely something that the highest performers and achievers in life have. I was typically charging $3500 for my clients, I now charge $25,000 a year, that's been amazing. In the last couple of months I've made more revenue in the business than I have in the last year and a half of doing this.

Russell Allsbrook

Co-Founder of fit from within

It's always tough when you want to start working on yourself and the best place to start is with Dr. John because he's very calm, welcoming, and easy. And the biggest thing is everything makes sense. He makes everything really fun. The resources are unlimited with John. He was able to give me the confidence in order to continue doing what I love to do which is coach and do my corporate job. If you want to get your life better, work with Dr. John.

Sandy Rosenthal

Executive coach

I felt like a fish trying to climb a tree and feeling like a loser because I couldn't do it. And since working with John, I just found my pond and now I'm a happy fish in the pond. I'm doing what I was meant to do, I'm being who I was meant to be. I thought it would wear off after awhile, but it didn't. It's a permanent internal change that's still with me and life is wonderful.

Yulia Mamaeva

Co-Founder of l.i.t coaching

How I value myself, my services, has more than tripled. We’ve had a $40,000 month, I have charged $5,000 for a day of my time and energetically it just felt so clean where before I was unsure I was worth that much and you helped me realize that…of course I am. Thank you for who you are in my life. I encourage anybody who's considering working with you to definitely join the group and you'll be taken care of as well.

Billy Ruehlmann

Entrepreneur & Coach

*Keep in mind, these people are extraordinary. They worked very, very hard.  If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.




You can't build your coaching skills alone.

To become a masterful coach requires more than just education. You need feedback, guidance, and support as you apply what you've learned in the real-world.

To build a successful coaching business you need world-class skills.

To build those skills you need support.

Imagine having daily access to an expert coach who truly cares about helping you master the art of NLP coaching and a community of coaches supporting each other as they impact the lives of the people they feel passionate about serving.

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John Ryan, MBA, MSW, PHD is a leading expert in leadership, communication, and change. He is a Certified Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is the Founder of NLP Unlimited™ and the creator of Release Point Method™.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the training and development industry, John has logged over 2,000 days of training and countless hours of coaching. He empowers his clients and students with rapid transformational techniques to let go of baggage from the past, create clarity for their future, and to take consistent action towards their goals.