7 Keys to Closing More Deals with NLP

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Quite often we know what to do to generate leads and close more deals but for some reason we sabotage ourselves. We don’t take consistent action or when we do, we second-guess ourselves and undermine our efforts. And that’s because success in closing more deals is 10% Mechanics and 90% Mindset.

  • How To Choose A More Empowering Reality
  • The Principle of Ownership
  • Shifting From a Problem-Focus to a Solution-Focus

  • The Formula for Creating Consistent Action & Results
  • The 2 Ways We Can Change Our Thinking
  • The Power of Alignment
  • Using Language to Expand Your Influence & Reduce Resistance


Learning NLP has been a complete game-changer, not just in my clients' lives, but in my personal life and my relationships. The language of the mind is definitely something that the highest performers and achievers in life have. In the last couple of months I've made more revenue in the business than I have in the last year and a half of doing this.

Russell Allsbrook 

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