Developing Your WHY

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To truly fulfill our potential, to achieve at the highest levels and experience fulfillment, we need to Develop Our WHY. When we identify and connect with our WHY, we tap into an endless supply of energy, creativity, and resilience.


Here’s what’s inside this training:

  • Identify What Truly Drives Your Performance & Fulfillment

  • Create Your Vision & Mission Statement in Alignment with Your Values

  • Find the Inner Fuel Tank to Keep You Going No Matter What

  • Connect With What You Truly Want to Avoid Burnout

  • Dial-In Your Focus and Expand Your Impact

I thought it would wear off after a while, but it didn't.

I felt like a fish trying to climb a tree and feeling like a loser because I couldn't do it. And since working with John, I just found my pond and now I'm a happy fish in the pond. I'm doing what I was meant to do. I'm being who I was meant to be. I thought it would wear off after awhile, but it didn't. It's a permanent internal change that's still with me and life is wonderful.

Yulia Mamaeva

Develop Your WHY! The time is now.